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The Life & times of the Indie Label imprint Felicitous Records, Inc founded by Don “in Ghotti” Pitts II in 1998.

I betchu think…

I betchu think…

#DG #Android avi…. *Thoughts* 

#DG #Android avi…. *Thoughts* 

Don’t I look like the dude that tried to get the gat from DMX at the end of the movie ‘BELLY’…..???

Don’t I look like the dude that tried to get the gat from DMX at the end of the movie ‘BELLY’…..???

This is a record we Remixed for my project ‘CANDYLAND Gothica an Electronic Love Story’…special shouts out to @mariyodeon on the verses & PCP Pierre on the Remix.


Sitting here playing on my new #Thunderbolt at the barbershop and it hit me…damn, I got on all green everything, and St. Patrick’s Day was a few days ago. :/

Sitting here playing on my new #Thunderbolt at the barbershop and it hit me…damn, I got on all green everything, and St. Patrick’s Day was a few days ago. :/

The Adventures of Don Ghotti and Don Pitts… The Official Mixtape 
With this mixtape Don Ghotti bridged the gap between the North and the South. The mixtape would be compared to a pot of gumbo; a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Most people will be taken back by the sounds hitting their speakers as soon as Play is pressed. The Adventures of Don Ghotti and Don Pitts features some of the hottest up and coming artists such as Muffy Cupcakeopia(Bangladesh Prod.), Bishop City(Felicitous), Big Sean(Good Music/Def Jam), Hollyweerd, Marky(Universal), Jessica Tonder and a host of others. You must visit Don Ghotti’s Blog to download a free copy of the mixtape. The difference between DG and other A&R’s/Promoters is that he has a direct relationship with the artists that he works with. He just doesn’t put their music out without knowing their background and where their musical destination is. Along with the diverse array of artists, the AODG&DP features production by Lt Moe, Derrick “Drop” Braxton, and Pharrell. Catch up with DG on his ever evolving podcast. You’ll be surprised to see who’s been interviewed and the topics that are being discussed. Subscribe and get to know Don Ghotti.

CUS IT FEELS RIGHT - REMIX feat. @Jumz aka Gabana J @Markyland and @BishopCity10

@JUMZ aka Gabbana J from New York City
@Markyland from Washington DC
@BishopCity10 from Chi-Lanta

Not since the 1995 Brian Singer film 'Usual Suspects' have we witnessed such an elite cast of characters. Music Exec @DonGhotti makes an attempt to repeat history 15 years later with his Summer music game changer entitled ’CUS IT FEELS RIGHT’ which highlights some of music’s hottest budding stars. The original version of this record entitled'Lesbionica' featured Washington DC’s own hip hop star Lola Maxwell. As Diddy would say, “This is the REMIX…!!!”

We start off with Washington Heights (NYC) own @JUMZ aka Gabbana J who’s newly signed to the DC based label Asquad Records. Jumz leads the Remix off with a gritty voice in which he directs his rhymes to the female subject as the club comes to a close. The Dominican flow artist outlines his plan to execute the perfect orgasm from the reverse angle. Some of his flows are chopped and screwed much like his female subject would soon be after the club.

Next up is Washington DC’s own @Markyland also known to the world as Marky. He reps his label imprint 43 Ent/SRC/Universal. Marky brings an unorthodox tongue twisting staccato flow to the table as he too tries to convince this stubborn female socialite to exit the club with him in his bright yellow Lamborghini car. He builds a strong case of reason why he’s DC’s most eligible bachelor then leaves the listener on a very high note.

Bringing the Remix home is south side Chicago/Atlanta repper @BishopCity10 aka Bishop City who splashes the record with an energetic hype flow. He gives the female socialite her options why she should leave the club with him. His hyper flow rides the dance floor ready track and adds the spice needed to make this Remix the Summer’s Hottest record play list.

We ask that you request the original version 'Lesbionica' and the Remix version 'CUS IT FEELS RIGHT' at your local/national radio stations as well as clubs, lounges, and house parties. Download this Remix and add it to your Ipod/Zune’s play list. You won’t be disappointed.


(Original Version)




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Produced by - Pierre PCP

Written by: L. Maxwell, P. Cook, D. Pitts II
Remix version written by:
L. Maxwell, P. Cook, D. Pitts IIA. Williams, M. Plater, R. Pena

Single from the forthcoming soundtrack ‘CANDYLAND Gothica the Sticky Fetish’

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